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The Castaway project includes an MC68000(tm) emulator and an Atari ST (tm) emulator. The user interface is based on the SDL library, thus the ST emulator is adaptable to many platforms.


The ST emulator source code release includes the 68000 emulator source, located in the cpu/ subdirectory.

ST emulator binary releases are available for both Linux and Win32. There are no binary releases for the 68k emulator. The ST binaries contain the appropriate SDL runtime DLLs.

The Win32 binary release additionally requires installing the base cygwin distribution. If you do not want to install cygwin, you need to compile your own binaries from the source code download. Note that direct floppy disk device access is only available when using the cygwin DLL.


Both Castaway emulators are available under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


As there are already a lot of ST emulators around, development emphasis will be on improving the 68k emulator. Topics of development are:


If you wish to contribute, please contact me at sourceforge.